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Humanity's Cleaneast Soldier

Standing together
Shinji: Facebook PageMe as Kaworu: Facebook page 
Photo by: Photogeny
I love this photo, I love our cos, I fucking love those characters and above all I love our duet. <3 <3 

We tried to redo the scene from this art : http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/624699
Well we didn’t have any clouds in the sky this day unfortunately. 
Eren - Levi
(More photos to come soon)

Because the recon can have holidays too! :D
Free! - Eternal Summer
Sooo, we watched the newest episodes of Free and our Rin (Kuarisu) made this joke about how I should tried him (even though I don’t really like him for the moment but it’s fun to cosplay assholes sometimes xD -I’ll cosplay Tsukishima from Haikyuu but he’s a cute asshole; it’s not the same xD-) so here’s the little try! 8D (my wig had the same cut -but miror here so it’s reversed xD- it was a chance 8D)
I’ll forever be amazed by the power of make-up. xD
Sooooooooo! Japan Expo Paris is next week so here’s my cosplay schedule! :D
Come and say hi if you’re there! :D

With a loaded rifle in handI kick down the locked doorThe gun recoilsAs I pierce through the me of yesterday
I accept the despair surfacing within meAnd start walking towards the me of tomorrowLet’s meet again tonight.

Noragami - Goya no MachiawaseStef’ as NoraMe as Yato
Photo by: Ellyana

Our UtaPrince group o/ This group was so awesome ♥Photo by Ellyana PhotographyTokiya : Mitsuko Cosplay Ittoki : Strike-kun (Cosplay) Syo : meNatsuki : Saria CosplayMasa : Geci CosplayCecil : Mikyleni Cosplay

Utapri shoot this week-end! Finally a shoot of the full group! :D It was so cool, can’t wait to see all the photos! *w*
I’m Natsuki here, eren-hunter is Ren and our Petra is Syo-chan! <3 (btw the photo comes from her cosplay-tumblr, have at look at her works! :D)
So are you and eren-hunter actually together? You guys make THE BEST cosplayers EVER! You're amazing!

No we’re not together in that way, we’re just bestfriends. ^-^

Aww thank you >w< <3